[CSS] 图像热点之夜

Night of Image Map

Figure 1 of this article
“I decided to go back into the laboratory and see if I could use the modern science of CSS to bring this web design technique back to life...”

By Stuart Robertson 2005-02-10 11:10:30 Read(3595) Comments(3)

[CSS] 创建各栏同高的多栏布局

Faux Columns

A simple way to make CSS columns appear equal in length, regardless of the content that they contain.

By Dan Cederholm 2005-02-09 13:40:13 Read(2812) Comments(1)

[CSS] 利用负值的外补丁创建液态布局

Creating Liquid Layouts with Negative Margins

Negative margins allow us to push the content area away from the sides of the browser, leaving room for the sidebar.

By Ryan Brill 2005-02-08 15:44:11 Read(1930) Comments(0)

[CSS] 一个比较完美的spacer div技巧

A wonderful "spacer div" trick

A Spacer-Div-Trick,better than most we are using.
为了解决浮动元素引起父元素无法获得高度的问题,我们一般在子元素的最后加上一个Spacer Div(clear:both)。但是IE和Mozilla对div的解释不同引起一些表现上的差异。

By Shark 2005-01-16 19:41:14 Read(2906) Comments(9)

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